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April 20, 2015 / thatstephkirby

My Nearly Vapid Teenage Existence

During one of the colder day this past winter, I decided to go through the letters I got in high school and put them in a binder. I read some of them as I put them in the binder.

One of the first things I noticed was that most of them didn’t have dates. The next thing was some of the letters didn’t have names on them, leaving me to guess who wrote them. With some of them I was able to match the hand writing to another one with a name on it. With the rest, I had no fucking clue.

Some of the topics we wrote about in these letters were:

That bitch talking behind your back
What we did or didn’t do on the weekend
Crushes on Boys

I spent a lot of time laughing and cringing at my teenage letters. I can remember thinking I was so profound and brilliant as a teenager and nobody really understood me. As it turns out, I was an idiot like the rest of them. It was a wonderful trip back in time.





December 3, 2014 / thatstephkirby

From Last Week’s Show.

Last Tuesday I went to Amanda Plamer’s The Art of Asking show at Lee’s Palace, here in Toronto. She talked about being an artist, taking the doughnut, and other wonderful things.

After I waited in line and met Amanda and had my book signed, I had an idea. What if I could get some of the people from the show together to take their picture. Like a weird and wonderful human art project.

I didn’t have my camera on me the night of the show, because it weights about 10 lbs (with my speed light it weighs almost 20) and it’s big and awkward. Without my camera I couldn’t take pictures after the show. I did tweet about it on my twitter but blogging about it seemed like a better plan.

If you or anyone you know was at Amanda’s The Art of Asking show last week (Nov 26) and you don’t mind having your picture taken you can Email me at, Tweet me @TheKirby or message me through my Facebook page

Spread the word!



November 27, 2014 / thatstephkirby

Ramblings and Wanderings

I haven’t been out much. Not even with my camera. Anxiety and panic, and all that other wonderful stuff. Eventually I got out. Eventually I took some pictures.










November 23, 2014 / thatstephkirby

Road Trips

This fall there have been a lot of changes for me. There has been a lot for me to think about and decide. I went on some short road trips with my mom to help clear my head.







October 5, 2014 / thatstephkirby

Nuit Blance 2014

Last night and very early this morning I was at Nuit Blanche.

As per my tradition I tried to live tweet and post photos for most of the night. I would say the full 7-7 but My phone was nearly dead by 3. Totally worth it.

I was with a group of people for the first few hours I was out. My friend Hilary was in that group and evereytime we heard some new music I would say “New theme.” Like we had a sound track for our night. We also made jokes about being an art zombie hoard and being a school of art fish. It was awesome.

I spent most of my time at the exhibits at city hall and on Spadina. It was a lot more spread out this year so I was dead tired by 3 am. I feel like there wasn’t as much this year. There was a lot more food trucks than art exhibits.

I took some crappy pic with my cell and mini cam.











Some of my tweets from the event.

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Write Club Toronto

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Lisa Bonchek Adams

Writer. Photographer. Nerd girl. Ginger.


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