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February 3, 2018 / thatstephkirby

It’s Not Easy Being Green.

My stomach is upset today. Not from anything I’ve eaten or a virus, but from my anxiety. I haven’t eaten yet either, and I don’t think I will eat because I can’t get past the nausea from nothing. I haven’t taken my medication yet either.I’m afraid I might throw it back up and that shit is expensive. It’s ruining my day. Oh sure I’ve taken a gravol but they don’t really help so much for anxiety tummy. Not all is lost, though, It may be a stay at home day but I can still make things. I can still edit the photo backlog I have going on. I could make myself a barf bag or something like that. There’s lots I can do. For now I’m going to go hang out in my bathroom until I feel a little better.

Thanks for being my emotional jock strap

August 28, 2017 / thatstephkirby

What’s Going on Now

It’s been over two years since I was last able to work. It’s been two years since my last mental health meltdown.  It hasn’t been easy.  I even stopped doing my photography for a while because the anxiety and panic became too much to deal with.  I couldn’t talk to anyone new.


I’ve been on O.W since target closed. I had to pay my phone bill, groceries, TTC transport, rent and sometimes support my partner all off of $630 a month. It’s really hard to do and I hate doing it. I hate how O.W treats me, I hate how society treats people on O.W. I hate having to call my grandparents for money because I ran out of it before I could buy food. I used to be able to work just fine. I used to be able to support myself. I’m able bodied, it’s just my brain doesn’t work right.


Having all this time had caused my depression to get worse and I was having a hard time getting motivated about anything. I’ve had to battle my way through my depression and now I’m finally on medication that works and I can finally think clearly again.


Over this time I’ve been not working, I’ve thinking of ways I could work without having a panic attack. My thing has been Rodan and Fields a skincare product created by the doctors that made proactive. I heard about it through a friend and after watching her post everyday for a month about what this product was doing for her, I became curious and asked some questions. I learned that I could wash my face and make an income doing so. I could work from home and I didn’t have to constantly be on my phone so on panic days I could stay under the covers and not think about it. I ordered some face wash and tried it out. It works great for me. I was sold on trying this idea. I can’t work in public but I can work from home. I can support myself again.


This is why I tried out Rodan and Fields.


If you want to try it out my links are below or you can message me


If you want to join me on this new adventure this is the business link:


If you just want to get the products:


I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me through my recovery process. You guys are the best!!!

July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Could This Be Your Zodiac Sign?



July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Four Twenty


G-d planted a garden in Eden in the east. Grew every kind of tree for food. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge in the midst. A river flowed water and it divided rivers. Pishon is the one that flows around the land and Gihon is the one that flows around the land of cush.

July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Good Ol’ Fashioned Spell Check













I think I might need Aquaman’s help for this one

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