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February 25, 2018 / thatstephkirby

Shhh Quiet.

Quiet. It’s something I’ve never really had, my brain is to loud for it. It’s screaming all the time.

Quiet is something I’m jealous of. Shh. I’ll say that to myself sometimes. Shh, but my brain just yells back at me. It tells me to fuck off and will laugh at me. I don’t get to tell it to be quiet. I have to make do with what I have. I have to live with the noise.

My mind is always going a million miles a second with ideas, anxieties, and made up things. It can be really difficult to slow down and focus on one thing instead of a million different things and the ways that they could go.

Quiet is something I think I’ll never have. At least, not anytime soon.

February 3, 2018 / thatstephkirby

It’s Not Easy Being Green.

My stomach is upset today. Not from anything I’ve eaten or a virus, but from my anxiety. I haven’t eaten yet either, and I don’t think I will eat because I can’t get past the nausea from nothing. I haven’t taken my medication yet either.I’m afraid I might throw it back up and that shit is expensive. It’s ruining my day. Oh sure I’ve taken a gravol but they don’t really help so much for anxiety tummy. Not all is lost, though, It may be a stay at home day but I can still make things. I can still edit the photo backlog I have going on. I could make myself a barf bag or something like that. There’s lots I can do. For now I’m going to go hang out in my bathroom until I feel a little better.

Thanks for being my emotional jock strap

July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Could This Be Your Zodiac Sign?



July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Four Twenty


G-d planted a garden in Eden in the east. Grew every kind of tree for food. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge in the midst. A river flowed water and it divided rivers. Pishon is the one that flows around the land and Gihon is the one that flows around the land of cush.

July 27, 2017 / thatstephkirby

Good Ol’ Fashioned Spell Check













I think I might need Aquaman’s help for this one

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