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July 3, 2014 / Stephanie Kirby

There is a Kind of Funny Story Behind this Image

Last year I worked at the Toronto Zoo. After I was done my shift of taking family photos, I had some time left to go walk around the zoo before I went home.

I used to see the animals everyday so I wasn’t really that interested in taking more animal pictures. I wondered off the zoo path to take pictures of other things. I hadn’t noticed other people were following me.

When I came a cross this spider web, crouched down and took a few shots. After my last shot I could hear people talking.

“What’s she taking pictures of?”

“I wonder what’s over there?”

I slowly turned around to face a group of people who were VERY interested to see what I was taking pictures of. I got up and walked away, as people rushed by me to see what was there.

I guess this is more of an awkward story then a funny one. Whatever.


June 29, 2014 / Stephanie Kirby

Story Time

A Adventure from My Mid-Twenties.

This all begins with me buying and wearing a red shirt to a party.

One night at a birthday party, that I can’t remember when it happened or who it was for anymore, at my friend’s place, I took this picture. Shortly after I took the below image, some passer by guy on the street below wanted to fight me.

texture 2 (9 of 16)

I don’t remember why this guy wanted to fight me. I hadn’t said anything to him, there was someone else on the balcony yelling to someone down on the street. I had only gone out to get a picture before we all left for the bar. The next thing I know the street guy was yelling ” I want to fight the one with red shirt. I want to fight the one in the red.” I was the only one at the party wearing a red shirt. I was the only red shirt. Awesome.

“I don’t want to fight that guy.” I said to the entire party.

I turned to the guy who had started this (he was laughing at me) and I yelled in his face “FIX THIS SHIT!”

The guy on the street was still yelling he wanted to fight the one in the red, while we were trying to leave to go to the bar and now I couldn’t leave the building because I was going to get fucking murdered (We all know what happens to red shirts). The guy that had been calling the street guy on was now telling him we didn’t want to fight and to leave us alone.

Eventually that guy left. He was still yelling he wanted to fight the one in the red as he and his fucked buddies left. I didn’t get killed that night but when I got home from drinking I vowed to never buy or wear a red shirt again.

June 24, 2014 / Stephanie Kirby

Oooo, Shiney!

I have been working with Angela Morgan of Argent Whimsy. The below images are of the pretty things she makes.

Here are her website and Facebook page.

June 20, 2014 / Stephanie Kirby

Pedestrian Sunday’s in Kensington Market

Last month was the beginning of Pedestrian Sundays. It was a bright and hot day with a lot of street bands and local artists.

They are held in Kensington market on the last Sunday between May and October

June 18, 2014 / Stephanie Kirby

Freaking Boats!

When it finally started warm up, I went out for a walk by the lake. On my walk, I found a group of middle aged men playing with radio controlled sail boats. It was awesome.

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